Harmony in painting and jewelry making

2020.12.10 20:07
Harmony in painting and jewelry making

When L. Nagy Judit- LNJ asked me to create a piece of jewellery to match her painting, I got conflicting emotions that swirled inside me. This unusual task and challenging opportunity filled me with exciting anticipation and, on the other hand, I felt the weight of compliance. Judit still had a clear wish: a lily of the valley had to be part of the necklace.

Elsőként ismerjétek meg a festményt - s rajta keresztül az alkotót is, mely az ékszerkészítési folyamat során a múzsám volt! 

As first get to know the painting - and thereby the creator who was my muse during the jewellery making process!

Judit's words wonderfully present the genesis of the art work and the special unique art technic she is working with. I always find it incredibly exciting to find out what's behind a painting, what message the work has - it enriches and shapes the projection that we receive from the work.


"All good things always begin with love, they are realized and fulfilled in love LOVE is the alpha and omega of our human existence. We have to be in love with life. And then miracles will surround our path. This painting was entitled "Classic Panni“ and was born from the fusion of two such stories.

Over the past few months I have checked tons of materials on the internet about Epres Panni. I'm not sure anymore, but I think I saw the original photo for the first time in N.T.'s post and knew immediately that one day I would paint this one.

Back then, I was thinking of accomplishing this with the IVVArt Method © (the technique of images painted with wine), and I waited for the „right wine,“ which then corresponds to my feelings evoked by the photo.

Here a "stronger" story "intervened", on the basis of which I changed my prescription of the mass - which is spatially drying on the canvas (IVVArt paste) - from wine to real spirits and from real soil of vineyards to real spices, which are daily used in the distillery process.

Who inspired me this step:

The ORATOR AG in Switzerland (Pfungen) is the fulfilment of two people - a couple who are really in love with life. As lawyers, they traveled the world  and in their "fifties" started to produce exclusive fruit spirits, gin, rum, etc. all made according to their unique recipes.

At the beginning of this year, during the first lockdown they created a very special raspberry spirit distillate (the "soul of the raspberry" - that's what I call the Geist in the German means a soul).

Its story and taste are adorable and I simply felt in love with :) (no word alcoholism!)

So it became a well-rounded whole in more recent pictures, which were created under the name "ART OF SPIRIT - SPIRIT OF ART - ART IS SPIRIT".

Epres Panni and the soul/spirit of raspberry. I wanted to alloy this all and gently “knead” into a new painting.

I started collecting data like I did for all of my pictures before: Panni is an autumn child. Her family name Epres has the meaning - strawberry or better with strawberries.

I found a raspberry called Zefa that we can harvest in the fall. I studied its colour. Raspberry spirit is also a drink, but when I bring out the word "spirit" it is also a soul and a spirit. The strawberry is "Classic" in Latin.

"Silence is important to me." "I like to be alone." (How true that is to me too!)

The family comes first.

The glow of your photo: a classic beauty.

The work itself:

I kept Panni's original pose that can be seen in the photo. I wanted to "express" Panni as I imagine it to myself today ... with the "added value of lives things".

The facial expression is a little harder, yet noble, graceful, delicate, sensitive and sensual, but stable in the stormy, dynamic world. The background is finger-painted and requires very fast working method. Panni's "every detail" is the result of careful brushwork. This all also reinforces the difference between the inner and the outer world (energies).

The hat, especially the brim, the black-stony part of the necklace and the dress were made from a mixture of earthy, alcoholic and organic spices from all over the world that are used for the noble distillates.

The rock crystals of the necklace are partially painted, partially (2 pieces) quasi-mirror shapes and are glued to the canvas with acrylic paints.

The velvety fineness of the skin is achieved by fine processing of 8 coats of paint.

On the left, the symbols made of aluminum sheets placed one above the other are related to ORATOR AG.

The first from the top is a symbol, the official sign of the raspberry spirit that was mentioned earlier in the description and that also appears on the bottles. I applied it to the artwork with the permission of the owners. Today's ORATOR AG company is located in a renovated old thread factory building with beautifully designed interiors. Since the owners are art collectors and art lovers, not only the exhibition space but also the distillery itself are decorated with original paintings.

In relation to the history of the thread factory, a twist of real thread actually appears in this upper symbol - plus I topped the center with a light blue crystal.

Each of the four circular markings was given a special paste in 2 layers that dries onto the surface until it is glassy and thus protects it permanently.

Dimensions of the painting:

120 x 120 x 4 cm

I couldn't incorporate Panni's favorite floral scent. The lily of the valley requires a separate visual story :)


With love and respect

Judit L. Nagy - LNJ

Freienstein (Switzerland), October 28, 2020.


Let’s see the creative process of the matching jewelry!
I tried to capture the unique colors of the painting in the pendant. The tired, slightly vintage colors of the dried lily of the valley definitely required a colorful background. But I wanted to reflect the dynamic red-rasberry shadows not only as a background but also in the form of a flower. So I placed vivid geranium petals into the pendant. Finally, I wanted to add a little extra into it, so I used the lacy crop of the wild cucumber to emphasize the elegance even more.


A completely different encounter led Judit's "Blue Velvet" painting and my "The Dawn with a Butterfly" jewellery - independently of each other the same motif  was in the foreground of the works for both of us.

"Blue Velvet" (120 x 120 x 3.5 cm) is the very first gin portrait of the Judit’s project  named "Art of Spirit - Spirit of Art - Art is Spirit" (2020).

What can the Morpho butterfly teach us with its exceptional beauty and freedom?

Its large, massive blue wings, glowing from above, hold the view. Even so, this unique beauty enchants most in flight - when the light blue and dull brown colour that covers the wing from below gives the impression that the Morpho butterfly is manifesting and then disappearing.


I tried to express this with the posture of the female figure, the conscious choice of her skin colour, and all the curves of the blue velvet, golden hem and exclusive negligee. The image was given a matte black geometric patterned background to give the blue velvet and the butterfly the lead role.

The butterfly Morpho received additional lighting that floated in golden dust from above, and this beam of light, directed only at it, amplified its already sparkling blue. Between its wings, a pillar of light continues its way to the wrist of the female figure, leaning on the left side of the body. The wings reflect part of the light that “fallson them from above in neon blue and is only visible from one side of the picture, while it is completely invisible from the other side. I achieved this effect with a special acrylic paint (Acryl Crysatllic).


The golden border consists of a real spool of thread and is then coated with 2 different gold coatings, a very unique and delicate, but nevertheless strongly accented part of the picture.

With this, I paid tribute to the historic, renovated building of the gin manufacturer ORATOR AG in Switzerland (one of their gin products is also called Blue Velvet), which has operated as a thread and yarn factory for many decades.

The main motif of Virradat jewellery - the necklace and ring - is the blue butterfly. At the necklace, I brought a little twist to the story: I wanted to live with the power of surprise, so I made it double-sided. Among the wings inlaid with fine turquoise grains, I also created the brownish-golden colour of the abdomen from crushed rock. On one side of the pendant, the base is guarded by a birch twig that preserves the memory of a distant holiday, and the other side is covered with glittering grains of an Elba hematite.


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